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Rolyn's blog serves as a platform to inform and educate our audience on a wide variety of topics related to the restoration and reconstruction industry.

Measles Migration

Blogger of the Week - Tuesday, August 06, 2019




In 1978, the Center for Disease Control (CDC) set a goal to eliminate the measles virus in the United States. In years leading to the decision of eliminating the virus, it’s been estimated that 400 to 500 people died; 48,000 were hospitalized and 1,000 suffered encephalitis from measles EACH year. In just three short years, the number of reported cases in the US were reduced by 80% from 1980-1981. After an outbreak in 1989, another decade would be needed before celebrating the elimination of the virus that once led to 3 - 4 million infections each year in the US in 2000, Measles was declared eliminated! However, international travel and a recent decline in vaccinations in the US, have led to a recent outbreak causing concern for many industries on national and global levels.


Since the start of 2019, over 1,000 cases of measles have been reported in the US - over 3 times more than the average reported cases over the last decade.These cases have been reported to the CDC and confirmed in *28 states, between January 1, 2019 and June 20, 2019. Having been eliminated in the US for nearly 20 years now, a review of proper handling and disinfection to prevent the spread of measles could prove paramount for your establishment. While hospitals are typically most alert to these issues, the threat of the virus may linger in the path of its carrier. Occupants of hotels, places of employment, schools, multi-family structures and more, may all be at risk, by the time the report is made.


Rolyn recently responded for a client with a measles concern of their own. Local officials were contacted for reporting and direction, and measures to prevent transmission were immediately employed, even prior to the confirmation of the viral infection. Once the case was confirmed by healthcare providers, Rolyn was able to complete the disinfection of areas occupied by the individual. Although the measles virus has been eliminated for some time now, our team of highly trained technicians were able to perform a thorough decontamination and eliminate the concern of the spread of infection.


Should you or your staff suspect or encounter this virus, it is always best to refer to your local health department, as they will have the lead in investigating cases when they occur. Following outbreaks and other highly contagious illnesses, Rolyn responders use a portable “point and shoot” decontamination unit to quickly clean high risk/high touch surfaces or place a mobile unit to decontaminate both air and surfaces.




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Rolyn's blog serves as a platform to inform and educate our audience on a wide variety of topics related to the restoration and reconstruction industry.

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