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Wednesday, July 27, 2016Ross Miller

Upon joining the Rolyn team, employees undergo extensive training in HIPAA and OSHA regulations, ILSM, and ICRA standards, ensuring all aspects of a remediation project are in compliance with health and safety laws. Understanding the nuances of healthcare environments – for example, the positive pressurization of operating rooms versus the negative pressure in isolation rooms – is important information to know when determining project parameters.

A Category 3 water loss, often referred to as ‘black water,’ can cause serious health issues and must be handled with the proper respiratory and personal protective gear. To begin this process in a hospital, we spray down all infected areas with an anti-microbial solution. This solution then sits for fifteen minutes to ensure that harmful bacteria are killed. We then replace all porous surfaces (e.g. carpet and drywall) exposed to the contaminated water. Since we provide turn-key restoration/reconstruction services, we are able to reduce costs and turnaround time by avoiding hiring outside contractors.

We have dedicated healthcare vehicles and equipment used exclusively for healthcare projects to prevent risks of cross-contamination and to ensure patient safety. We are equipped with monometers, moisture meters, thermal cameras, activated hydrogen peroxide, chlorine dioxide, and other solutions that help disinfect/decontaminate job sites. When dealing with situations like the Category 3 water loss, Rolyn has material-specific moisture meters so we can record accurate measurements of any materials exposed to the contaminated water. We take all appropriate measures to guarantee patient safety and minimize the occurrence of Healthcare Acquired Infections (HAIs). This involves thoroughly disinfecting and decontaminating equipment upon job completion – an uncommon practice and not one all restoration companies follow. Maintaining healthcare-dedicated equipment requires a financial investment, one that is not always feasible for smaller restoration contractors.

Healthcare disaster response has the potential to surprise you every day. You never know what kind of job you will be asked to perform or what the healthcare client is going to require. We help hospitals meet their necessary deadlines for re-occupancy and also work towards DOH (Department Of Health) inspections. If necessary, we are even able to build barriers to contain infected areas to allow sectional re-occupancy. Our operations team knows how to handle and work around expensive hospital equipment, understanding the procedures and protocols for handling infected hospital property. We are also trained to properly handle, store, and clean sensitive medical records in accordance with HIPAA regulations. Our experienced project managers are a huge asset to us and to our ability of adapting to any job we encounter.

Our team of healthcare employees works in hospitals every day. Our job site managers are the leaders of this team and are responsible for communication and coordinating project tasks. They also serve as the main point of contact with insurance agencies to relay project progress and budgetary information. In the Category 3 water loss situation, the site manager is responsible for daily meetings with the hospital staff, letting them know when areas have been recommissioned for use following decontamination. It is also crucial for the project leader to continuously work with the Infection Prevention (IP) nurse to ensure patient safety measures are being followed.

Given the extensive training and experience Rolyn employees receive; I wonder what percentage of healthcare restoration projects properly follow the various ICRA, HIPAA and ILSM guidelines. I have worked in the restoration industry for over 15 years, but it is not until I joined Rolyn that I fully comprehended the extensive knowledge required to work in hospitals and other healthcare facilities. As an industry leader, Rolyn provides employees with the essential skills, knowledge, and equipment to ensure projects are completed correctly and safely.

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