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Rolyn's blog serves as a platform to inform and educate our audience on a wide variety of topics related to the restoration and reconstruction industry.

Measles Migration

Blogger of the Week - Tuesday, August 06, 2019

  Read More >

Rolyn Healthcare Setting the Industry Standard

Blogger of the Week - Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Upon joining the Rolyn team, employees undergo extensive training in HIPAA and OSHA regulations, ILSM, and ICRA standards, ensuring all aspects of a remediation project are in compliance with health and safety laws. Understanding the nuances of healthcare environments – for example, the positive pressurization of operating rooms versus the negative pressure in isolation rooms – is important information to know when determining project parameters. Read More >

Patient Safety – a Shared Responsibility

Blogger of the Week - Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Healthcare professionals have a common goal: to make people healthy again. To obtain this goal, there are many groups within a healthcare facility that need to work together harmoniously. This goes beyond the clinical side of patient care - cleaning staff, patient transport teams, dietary services, IT, etc., also come into the mix. When a healthcare facility hires a healthcare contractor, you become part of that team and must share the responsibility of patient safety.  Read More >

How Clean is ‘Terminal Clean’?

Blogger of the Week - Tuesday, May 24, 2016

For those who work in healthcare facilities on a regular basis, the phrase terminal clean can mean a variety of things. Terminal cleaning can be performed after a patient has been discharged, prior to a new patient entering the space, or following any renovation, remediation or abatement work in order to recommission the room for patient occupancy. But how effective is terminal cleanRead More >

My, How Things Have Changed

Blogger of the Week - Tuesday, October 20, 2015

I was recently speaking with a close friend who has been an RN for the past 29 years. She was recounting to me that as part of her first nursing job, she was required to empty the ashtrays of her patients. WHAT THE..? That’s right, as little as a few decades ago some patients were smoking in their hospital roomsRead More >

​Rolyn Responds to Ebola Virus Disease Crisis

Jenny Andrawis - Wednesday, November 12, 2014

 With over 35 years of experience in infection control, emergency response, disaster recovery, and restoration for healthcare organizations nationwide, Rolyn Healthcare has assembled a National Rapid Response Environmental Team ("the Team"). This specialty trained and equipped Team is dedicated to preparedness and response to the Ebola Virus Disease and has in fact, been called on to respond to one of 35 hospitals designated by the Federal Government to treat Ebola patients. Read More >

About this Blog

Rolyn's blog serves as a platform to inform and educate our audience on a wide variety of topics related to the restoration and reconstruction industry.

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